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4 Reasons You Should Be Using Facebook Live

Not going to lie, I didn’t start using Facebook Live until about a month ago due to being too nervous to be on camera, and I completely regret not starting sooner. Although it can be a little daunting at first, it’s totally worth it and I’m here to tell you why you should be using Facebook Live to uplevel your business.

you should be using facebook live

4 Reasons Why You Need to be Using Facebook Live

Reason #1: Not everyone reads blogs all the time

Some people prefer video content, so being able to deliver your content in another format can help you reach a completely different audience. Of course, you do not need to be doing a Facebook Live daily but bi-weekly is a good place to start – that’s my goal, at least.

Reason #2: You can repurpose old content and present it in a different way

This kind of goes hand-in-hand with reason number one. Most people don’t read every single blog post that you write so they most likely won’t realize that you’re repurposing old content. Being able to repurpose written content further down the line helps you continue sharing relevant content without having to constantly think of new topics to discuss everytime.

Reason #3: They’re pretty fun

Although I mentioned that I was pretty nervous before doing my first Facebook Live, I ended up having so much fun and couldn’t wait to do my next one. If you want access to my live streams, make sure you’re in the Confetti Collective because that’s mainly where they are hosted.

Reason #4: You can connect with your people instantaneously

With a blog post, people can ask you questions but you aren’t always able to respond immediately. During a live stream, people can ask you questions while you’re on air and you will be able to answer them immediately which is awesome.

Your Turn:

Have you jumped on the Facebook Live train yet? Why or why not? Please feel free to let me know down in the comments.