Savvy Podcast Agency

Podcast Management

Podcast Editing

Starting at $350/month

  • Up to 5 podcast episodes edited per month with intro/outro added

Podcast Shownotes

Starting at $450/month

  • Up to 5 show notes written for episodes
  • Social media and email copy creation

Admin/Project Management

Starting at $300/month

  • Up to 5 Social Media graphics created from templates per month
  • Episodes added to Libsyn and scheduled
  • Guest outreach + coordinating appointments with guests
  • Scheduling to Social Media
  • Uploading shownotes to website

Guest Management

Starting at $250/month

  • Finding quality guests to be on your show
  • Correspondence with guest before and after recording

Podcast Pitching

Starting at $450/month (for the first month) $300/month thereafter

  • Create pitch deck + pitch template
  • Research relevant shows
  • Up to 20 pitches sent out per month

Social Media Marketing

Starting at $500/month

  • Graphics created from templates
  • Scheduling content to social media
  • Up to 30 minutes of engagement (M-F)