Ways to Be More Productive Working From Home

There can be so many distractions when working from home, especially as a Social Media Manager – when your job is all about being on social media, aka one of the biggest distractions on the planet.

Learn how to be more productive when working from home.

Working from home takes a lot of self-motivation and if you don’t put boundaries in place with yourself, you might get burnt out.

Have a set workspace 

Having a set workspace is key to being more productive. I find I get the most done in my office instead of trying to work while lounging on the couch. While it’s nice to be able to do sometimes, it shouldn’t be made a habit. I feel like when you’re working from home sometimes it’s tough to turn off work mode so separating your workspaces helps that.

Have a structured routine 

As entrepreneurs, we generally do have more freedom than those in the corporate world but I still think structure is really important. I try to do client calls on Tuesdays and Thursdays and podcast interviews only on Thursdays. Monday and Wednesdays are my client heavy days while I reserve Fridays for admin stuff.

Take frequent breaks 

I am pretty terrible at taking breaks throughout the day but I think its really crucial. Give your eyes a moment or two away from your computer and phone to eat, take a walk, etc.

Don’t make sleeping in a habit 

As someone who is not a morning person, this is easier said than done but I don’t let myself sleep in past 8 typically. The later I start my day, the later I’ll have to work so I prefer not to get a super late start otherwise I’ll be extremely overwhelmed trying to cram everything in.

Your Turn:

What’s your #1 tip for being productive while working from home? Please let me know in the comments.