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5 Ways to Utilize Instagram Stories

About a year ago, Instagram introduced Stories to the world. This was a huge blow to Snapchat because a lot of people converted from using both Instagram and Snapchat to just using solely Instagram. Having everything within one platform is so convenient so it was an easy decision for most people to make the switch. Today I’m chatting about how to utilize Instagram Stories – let’s dive in, shall we?

Check out these 5 ways to utilize Instagram Stories in your business today!

What is Instagram Stories? 

Instagram Stories is a component of Instagram that allows you to share both photos and videos that only stay around for a total of 24 hours.

Differences Between Snapchat and Instagram Stories 

Like I mentioned above, a lot of people jumped ship from Snapchat as soon as Instagram Stories were introduced so I want to share some differences between the two platforms.

Snapchat only allows 10-second clips while Instagram Stories lets you do 15 seconds. Snapchat has a text limit of 80 characters while Stories allows for unlimited text. Instagram Stories allows for live streaming while Snapchat does not.

Although these are not the only differences, they are a few of the ones that stood out to me the most.

Ways to Utilize Instagram Stories

To engage with your audience 

I don’t know about you but I feel a lot more connected to someone through video versus a picture. Being able to hear the voice and see their mannerisms humanizes the person and makes them easier to like and trust. As a blogger and business owner gaining that like, know, and trust factor is essential and Instagram Stories gives you the tools to do just that.

To share behind the scenes 

Instagram feeds are usually perfectly curated and don’t really show the messier parts of our lives so Instagram Stories gives us the opportunity to be a little more real with our audience and share the not so perfect parts of our lives.

To ask for your audience’s input 

The new poll feature on Instagram has been an absolute game-changer for both my blog and business. By polling my audience on different things at least once a week, I get to see exactly what they’re looking for from me so I can put out content that they absolutely love without having to read minds.

To showcase your newest blog content 

I like to share my newest blog posts on my Stories each week because not every Instagram follower also follows my blog so I like to give them the opportunity to check it out if they desire.

To make a little money 

A few months ago, Instagram Stories introduced the “swipe up” feature to accounts that have 10k or more followers. This feature became super handy to bloggers and business owners alike because now people can shop directly from your story instead of having to go to the link in your profile.

Your Turn:

How do you utilize Instagram Stories for your blog or business? Please feel free to let me know down in the comments.