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How to Use Trello to Streamline Your Business

If you’ve followed along with Confetti Social in the past year or so, you know that I have always been a fan of Asana. When I was first starting out in my business, I even wrote a post about how I use Asana in my business. While I still love and use Asana for my all of client processes, Trello has been a game changer for me in terms of personal time management and managing a team. Let’s dive in to how to use Trello to streamline your business. 

Learn how to use Trello to streamline your business and get more stuff done.

How to Use Trello to Streamline Your Business

Tips for Using Trello 

Get a feel for each part of Trello before trying to dive in head first // 

This was probably one of my biggest downfalls when I first started trying to use the platform. It has a tiny bit of a learning curve so make sure you know the basics before inputting all of your systems and processes. 

Have a board dedicated to your current week // 

Having a board that you can quickly glance at and see what all you have going on for the week is a game changer. This really helps me get a handle on my weekly schedule. 

Write it all down // 

I recommend writing all of your processes and workflows down so that you can always refer back to them. This will help streamline your client onboarding process, your launching process, and so much more so that you’re not reinventing the wheel every time you re-do the same exact thing in your business. 

My Trello Boards 

On Trello I have quite a few different boards but the ones I use the most are my Confetti Social Board, the Confetti Social Team board, my current week board, VA clients board, and SMM clients board. These are boards I look at weekly, if not daily so I figured that they were the most important ones to include. 

Confetti Social Board 

This board showcases absolutely everything in my business including my own workflows (blog posts, social media, launching, etc) and also my client onboarding workflows so that I have everything in one place and can easily copy and paste these workflows to new boards as they are added. This board also includes my content calendar, yearly strategy and project ideas, and rough outlines of potential launches. I am in this board all the time and it’s one of the most beneficial boards that I have because it’s saved me SO much time. 

My Current Week 

My current week board gives me an overview of all the tasks I need to complete in a given week. As you can see in the image below, every single day I have some form of client work and social media initiatives to complete. I also have a few one-time tasks each day like working on Pinterest revamps, client calls, scheduling social media for clients, or batch writing blog posts. This calendar really helps me focus on what’s important each day so that I don’t get sidetracked. 

Confetti Social Team

The next board that I reference on a frequent basis is my team board. This is where I assign my team members their clients and their duties for each day and week. This helps me know what they’re doing and keep them on track each week. 

SMM Clients 

Like I mentioned before, I still use Asana to work with my clients but I like to have everything all in one place for my sake so this board helps me figure out what I need to do each month for each client and houses all contracts, account information, DropBox links, and more. 

VA Clients 

This is pretty similar to my SMM Clients board but it contains my VA clients. My team handles all of Confetti Social’s virtual assistant clients. This board consists of all important client documents like contracts and things of that nature in addition to what needs to get done for each client monthly. I like being able to see all of my clients on one board. 

Your Turn: 

What is your preferred project management tool? Trello, Asana, or something else? Please feel free to let me know down in the comments.