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Why You Need to Use Asana For Your Business


As a new business owner, Asana has been an absolute game changer for me over the past few months. From managing my own tasks to staying on top of client communication and tasks, Asana has got you covered. I have tried Trello and a few other project management tools in the past but Asana is the one that ultimately won me over. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also FREE. Yeah, that’s right! Asana is absolutely free so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t test it out and see if it’s the right fit for you. Now I’m going to tell you exactly why you need to use Asana for your business and it’s many benefits.

Why You Need to Use Asana for your Business

Benefits of Asana

  • Like I mentioned above, it’s absolutely free
  • Up to 15 members on the free plan
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Seamlessly integrates with your Google account

How to Use Asana

First, you’re going to want to go in and create your account. Once you’ve accomplished that step, then you’ll go onto creating a team. Most of us solopreneurs will only need to add ourselves to this team, but if you happen to have a virtual assistant or the like, then go ahead and add them to your team too.


Create new project

After you have created your Asana profile, your next step is to create a project. Click the plus sign and then name your project whatever your heart desires. Once you’ve successfully named your project, it’s time to add your client to the project. To add your client, just go to the top right and click the ‘+’ sign, type in your client’s email address, click invite, and then you’re good to go.

Create to do list

After you’ve invited your client to the project, you can then begin creating your to do list. My process, at least for one of my packages, typically looks a little something like the screenshot below, which is a little sneak peek into my Pinterest Revamp package where I completely overhaul your Pinterest account.


I break the tasks into two different sections: Pre Project and Pinterest revamp. The pre project includes everything I need the client to do for me prior to starting the revamp process. They are typically pretty simple tasks, but they help me keep everything streamlined so I am not digging through my emails trying to find things from my clients.

The Pinterest Revamp section is mostly tasks I need to complete but occasionally I will add some in there for my client to complete like them requesting to join group boards or confirming their website on Pinterest. The best part is that you can assign individual tasks to your client if necessary so they are able to keep on top of their own duties. When you assign a task to your client, you can add a due date so that your clients knows exactly when the task is due and will receive automatic reminders to complete the specific task.

Asana makes it easier for you and your client to communicate and for them to keep track of your project’s progress. With Asana, there’s no more digging through tons of emails trying to figure out what you or your client said because it’s all in one place.

Asana has a few cool integrations like Toogl and Zapier. Toogl allows for you to track your time spent on a specific project and Zapier enables seamless integrations like adding your tasks to your Google Calendar among other things. Now you can see why it’s integral to use Asana for your business if you’re looking for the perfect project management tool.

Your Turn:

Have you ever used Asana before? What are your favorite features? If not, what is your favorite project management tool? Please let me know down in the comments.