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5 Ways to Stay Motivated When Working From Home

5 ways to stay motivated when working from home

When you work from home, you have to be on top of things because no one else is going to push you to get things done. As a self-employed person, getting your work done, landing clients or selling your services is all on you. While it may be liberating to work from home, you also need to make sure you’re staying on top of things as best as possible. I’m currently only working from home two days a week so I feel like I have to be even more disciplined to get things done for my business. Today I’m sharing 5 ways to stay motivated when working from home.

How to Stay Motivated When Working From Home

Have a set work space

 I don’t know about you, but I feel a lot more motivated at my desk than I do when I am kicking back on my couch or in my bed. It also helps me step away from my work at the end of the day because I’m able to leave my office and move to another room in the apartment. This allows for me to relax in a place that isn’t considered to be my workspace.

Schedule work hours

When you own your own business, your hours can be a little more flexible but you should still have set work hours. These hours should be put into place so you’re not dealing with clients or working on your business all night. You need to make space in your schedule for a little downtime otherwise you’ll quickly experience burnout.

Designate times to do certain activities 

If I didn’t keep myself on a strict schedule, I would get lost in the depths of the internet all day so it’s important to have some sort of structure to your routine. I try to work on client work in the mornings and then work on creating content, responding to emails, seeking out new clients, and other miscellaneous work in the afternoons. I’m not much of a morning person so trying to crank out blog posts during that time is not ideal for me. It is important to tune into your best times to work on things.

Take frequent breaks

I have found that if I work solidly for an hour and a half, I start getting distracted so I try to work in 1.5 hour increments. This increases my overall focus throughout the day. During my break I will get up and move around, fold a load of laundry, or browse my own social media channels for a few minutes.

Don’t sleep in 

Although I’m not a morning person, the last thing I need to do is sleep in. So try to wake up around the same time everyday so that you’re on a schedule and not just working whenever you feel like it.

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Your Turn:

Do you work from home? If so, how do you manage to stay motivated when working from home? Please feel free to let me know down in the comments.