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How to Cut Your Social Media Scheduling Time in Half with SmarterQueue

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If you haven’t considered social media automation yet, then you’re going to want to read this. SmarterQueue has been an absolute blessing to me as a small business owner. It allows me to schedule posts to my free Facebook group, Twitter, and my Facebook page. Let’s get to talking about how to cut your social media scheduling time in half now, shall we?

How to Cut Your Social Media Scheduling Time in Half

SmarterQueue Features

Recycles your content 

One of my favorite features about SmarterQueue is that it automatically recycles your content. All you have to do is put the content in once and SmarterQueue will repost it for you once it’s gone through an entire cycle.

Easy to create content 

It’s extremely easy to curate content with SmarterQueue. You can easily write a post, find content to post with SmarterQueue’s suggestions, pull from RSS feeds, and more. There will never be a lack of content for you to share with SmarterQueue.

Get 30 days of SmarterQueue for free! 

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Personalized Schedule & Categories 

SmarterQueue allows you to create a personalized schedule for each platform you’re using it for. You can set up your schedule at the very beginning and then never touch it ever again because updates will go out automatically according to the schedule that you set.

SmarterQueue also has a categories feature where you can split different content into categories like use once, quotes, promotion, blog posts, etc. I use the use once category for other people’s content so that I’m constantly sharing different people’s content but only sharing the same article one time. I also do daily morning inspiration so I put those quotes underneath the quotes tab. The promotion tab is where I promote affiliate links, my facebook group, and things of that sort. The blog posts tab is filled with my own blog posts.


Another cool feature that SmarterQueue has is their in-depth analytics. It shows you your weekly and monthly analytics for all of the accounts that you have connected.

Another feature that I found handy is being able to analyze someone else’s Twitter account to see how you stack up. I always like to see how I compare to my competitors just so that I stay competitive so this feature really helps with that.

User-Friendly & Inexpensive 

I found SmarterQueue to be extremely user-friendly which is always a bonus when trying out a new program. I used to use MeetEdgar which I found had a bit of a learning curve and the price wasn’t near as good as SmarterQueue’s either.

Your Turn:

What social media scheduler are you currently using? If any, how often do you go about your social media scheduling? Please feel free to let me know down in the comments.