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5 Best Reasons Why Your Blog or Business Needs SEO

Hey y’all! While I’m on my honeymoon some of my biz besties will be taking over Confetti Social. Today’s post is all about the reasons why your blog or business needs SEO from Brittany at Collectively Bee. I don’t know much about SEO, just the basics so I figured I’d have someone who’s a little more knowledgeable than me shed some light on this topic.

5 reasons why your blog or business needs SEO

I’ve always been divided between my two true loves of building a blog and business: social media and SEO. One caters to my creative side and need to communicate while the other caters more toward my analytical and logical side. These are both great ways to grow your blog, but today I’m going to share with you the reasons why your blog or business needs SEO.

Reasons Why Your Blog or Business Needs SEO

 You’ll be found by search engines

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and when you utilize its methods, you are essentially positioning yourself where people will find you. When someone is searching for a topic you have a blog post on, don’t you want them to find your post first? That’s exactly what SEO helps you do.

Your content will be easier to read

Typically when you utilize SEO, you focus on one main keyword for each page or post. In doing so, you’re sticking to one main topic which makes your post easier to read. I think we’ve all come across posts that continually jump around and by the end, we aren’t sure what we have just read. SEO helps to keep you on track so you can produce quality content for your readers.

SEO is cost-effective

Marketers across the board rate SEO for it’s cost effectiveness based on it’s incredible ROI. This isn’t about it being just low-cost, it also is completely customizable to your needs which allow you to target exactly who you want to bring to your website. Even if you just start with keyword research, your posts will become more targeted like we previously discussed above.

SEO is continually evolving

One of the things that fascinate me the most about SEO is that it is consistently evolving. There is never a moment where one can stop and know that their SEO is perfect. With its continuous evolution, you’re able to make your posts even greater over time to fit the needs of your readers.

SEO has a high conversion rate

With all of the research done that is necessary for SEO, your content is customized very specifically to your ideal reader. From keyword analysis to behavioral reasoning, SEO takes everything about that ideal reader into consideration.

While I stopped at five, there are plenty of reasons why you should incorporate SEO into your blogging strategy for your website. There is a sea of people just waiting to discover you from a simple search. Give them the resources they need and help them find you!

13668906_1723030081305853_2203662424139137855_oAbout Collectively Bee: Hey y’all, I’m Brittany Lockwood, the Founder & CEO of Collectively Bee. Collectively Bee helps female entrepreneurs grow their businesses through a dedicated and unique marketing strategy so they can take the time they need to slow down and savor the sweet honey of small successes along the way. Feel free to keep up with us on FacebookTwitter, & Instagram!

Your Turn:

Do you use SEO strategies to make sure your blog or business is showing up on the first page of Google? Feel free to let us know down in the comments.