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How to Promote Your Blog Posts

If you’re reading this post the day that it goes live, I’m headed to San Francisco today for my first vacation since leaving the corporate world at the end of December. It’ll be a quick trip but it will be so nice to kick back and relax for a few days without having to worry about my business. Today I’m sharing with you how to promote your blog posts.

Today I'm sharing how to promote your blog posts in a few ways that you may have never thought of before.

How to Promote Your Blog Posts

Social Media

As a social media strategist, my go-to way to promote blog posts is through social media. Some channels provide a better ROI than others but it’s a good, free way to showcase your newest posts.


My favorite way social media channel to share my posts on is Pinterest. Although Pinterest can often take a few months for your content to initially take off, once it does your post will be getting continuous traffic for weeks if not months.

Pro tip: Share your new posts to all relevant group boards that you’re on for maximum exposure


I always share my new blog posts on Twitter at least twice the day that they’re posted and then continually throughout the next month using SmarterQueue. Since Twitter’s shelf life is so short, it’s okay to share your post multiple times because I guarantee you that the same people aren’t going to be seeing the content twice.


I don’t put as much focus on my Facebook page as I used to because I haven’t had the time to put in the effort it takes to make my FB page thrive but I always post the day my new post goes live and a few times a month or so later.


Although I don’t currently get much traffic from Instagram, I still like to promote my new posts on here just in case my Instagram audience is interested in checking out my content. I’ve gotten a little more traffic from Instagram lately but I haven’t put too much effort into making that happen.


Although StumbleUpon doesn’t provide you with the highest quality of traffic, you can experience a nice spike in traffic when using StumbleUpon correctly so I recommend trying it out if you’re looking to boost your traffic a little bit.

Facebook Groups

A great way to get lots of traffic to your blog posts are through Facebook groups. There are tons of groups out there that have daily promotion threads where you can share your newest posts as long as you share the love on a certain number of other posts in the thread. This is a great way to get your blog out there when you’re first starting out. I still participate in a few groups because I’ve made connections with a lot of these ladies and would comment on their content regardless.

Email Newsletter

I send out a weekly newsletter every Tuesday in which I share actionable tips and tricks while also sharing my three most recent blog posts with my email list. Not all of my email subscribers look at my blog daily so it’s nice to give them a little heads up that I have some new content available.

Pro tip: Make sure you’re providing your email list with value and not just sending them your new posts each week. They will get bored and unsubscribe.

Your Turn:

How do you promote your blog posts? Am I missing any other ways? Please feel free to let me know down in the comments.