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Productivity Methods For Online Business Owners

As someone who owns multiple businesses, productivity is absolutely key. I would be running around like a chicken with my head cut off if I didn’t have systems and processes in place or didn’t use some sort of productivity methods in my business.

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite productivity methods so you can start being super productive too!

I'm sharing the best productivity methods for online business owners.


Productivity Methods for Online Business Owners


  1. Batching // Batching is my absolute favorite productivity method. I have written a full blog post about how I use batching in my business so if you’re wanting to know a little bit more about batching, check that post out. Batching is basically grouping similar tasks together so that you aren’t constantly task switching. I like to do batching days for content (social, blog posts, etc.) so that my brain can focus solely on writing and not everything else that’s going on.
  2. Time Blocking // Time blocking is kind of similar to batching in the sense that you set aside a block of time to make that happen. But when you’re time blocking, you don’t have to be doing similar tasks at a time. It could be something like admin work 1-2 pm content creation 2-4 pm etc. This not really a method that works well for me but I know a lot of people that absolutely LOVE using time blocking in their business.
  3. Pomodoro Method // The Pomodoro method is basically 25 minutes of work and then a 5-minute break and then another 25 minutes of working and then a break and after a certain amount of periods of working, then you will get a little longer of a break.This isn’t a method I use during my day-to-day business operations but every Wednesday morning my mastermind group does a virtual co-working session and we use the Pomodoro method and it totally works. I feel so productive during each 25 minute period, especially since I have to report back after the 25 minutes on the progress that was made. I feel like it helps kick me into high gear because I don’t want to come back and say that I have barely made a dent in the task.
  4. Eat that Frog Method // The Eat that Frog method is where you do the task you’re dreading the most first. A lot of the time we end up procrastinating and saving the harder and worst task for the end of the day but sometimes its just easier to get it out of the way. This one is tough for a lot of people but its something that I have gotten better at the past few years.
  5. Must-Could-Should Method // This method determines which tasks are the most important and pressing so that you can get those done sooner than the less pressing tasks. This method is especially helpful for when you’re having a super busy day and need to eliminate some of the tasks from your plate for the day. It allows you to make a list of must, could, and should tasks and then work on the “must” tasks first and then if you have time then you can move onto the could and should tasks of the day.
  6. The Eisenhower Matrix // The final productivity method is the Eisenhower matrix. With this method, you separate your tasks into a box view. Tasks are either critical and immediate, critical and not immediate, not critical but immediate, or not critical or immediate. Once you’ve divided your tasks up, you know what the most important and critical tasks are so that you can make your decisions based upon what is most important. This is not something I use often in business either but I can definitely see why it would be helpful for people.

Your Turn: 

Have you tried any of the methods here before? If so, which one is your favorite?