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Why It’s Important to Plan Your Social Media Content

If you know me at all then you know that I’m a notorious planner. I use a paper planner, an editorial calendar, and Google Calendar to keep my life organized. It can be a little overwhelming to have things in so many different places, but this method works for me. One thing I am always planning well in advance is my social media content. There are tons of great tools that help you plan and schedule your social media content so that you aren’t always scrambling to find something to post. Continue reading and find out why it’s important to plan your social media content.

plan your social media content

Why It’s Important to Plan Your Social Media Content

Reason #1: You always know what you’re posting about

When you schedule your content, then you always know what’s being posted and don’t have to worry about trying to find time to find things to post on the fly.

Pro tip: Save any relevant content (including the post and the person’s social media handle) that you find in a spreadsheet so when it’s time to schedule out your posts for the week/ month, you at least have a starting point and won’t be spending countless hours trying to find content to post.  

Reason #2: It takes extra work off your plate

When I started planning out and scheduling my social media content, it took so much additional work off my plate. Initially, it took a bit of time to find content to share but once I got the hang of it I was able to save a few hours a week. Now that I’ve been planning out and scheduling my social media content for quite some time it only takes me about an hour or so each week to completely schedule out my content on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and FB.

Reason #3: It keeps your social media channels active

I know how difficult it is to constantly have relevant content for each different social media platform but it’s so important to consistently be generating content on all of your channels. When you plan your social media content in advance, you are able to keep your channels active without having to spend hours each day on them.

Reason #4: Because you can’t always be online at the optimal times

There are so many tools that can tell us when the best time to post on each different platform is but what good does it do when you’re not available to manually post at that specific time? Not much. If you’re a full-time entrepreneur or still plugging away at your 9-5, chances are you don’t have tons of extra time in your day to hop online during the allotted optimal times. Save yourself a headache and plan your social media content in advance.

Schedulers I Use: 





Your Turn:

Do you currently plan your social media content? What are your favorite social media schedulers? Please feel free to let me know down in the comments.