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5 Lessons Learned From Creating an E-course

Some of you may know that I recently created a course called Pinterest VA School that teaches you everything you need to know about becoming a Pinterest VA. I had heard so many people talk about their experience with creating courses but in reality, I had no idea what was exactly I was in store for. Today I’m sharing 5 lessons learned from creating an e-course.

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Lessons Learned from Creating an E-course

Lesson #1: It’s going to be a lot more time consuming than you initially thought

Creating a course is no joke. I went into it thinking I could create my course in 2 weeks but I was so wrong. This course was fairly basic compared to the other course I want to create but it still took me a good 3 weeks to finish everything.

A lot of people forget that it’s not just creating the course content. You also have to write an email sequence to your email list, write copy for Facebook ads, host webinars, write the course content, film videos for the course, create a sales page, and more all while maintaining your client work and other facets of your business.

Lesson #2: Presell if you can 

Being able to presell your course is so beneficial. When you presell a course, you can figure out exactly what your audience wants before you even create the course because you do not want to put a ton of work into creating a course that no one ends up buying. Being able to gauge what your audience wants from the get go helps you tailor your course to their needs.

Lesson #3: Don’t be afraid to adjust your deadlines

As a complete type A person, I have such a difficult time adjusting my plans once they are set. When you are first creating your course’s calendar you may feel like it’s the end of the world if you don’t meet each specific deadline but that’s totally not the case. You’re going to have to be flexible when you’re creating a course otherwise you’re going to drive yourself crazy.

Lesson #4: 12 hour days are bound to happen 

When creating a course, you may have to pull quite a few long days especially if you’re still primarily a service based business like I am. In addition to putting time into creating my course each day, I also had to tend to client work so that left me pulling some long days. It is not something I could do for the long term but I’d say it was worth it to get my course out into the world.

Lesson #5: Webinars get easier each time 

Being on video is already a pretty scary thing but I think webinars are even more terrifying. I don’t think I did so hot my very first webinar back in March but with each webinar and livestream, it got easier.

Your Turn:

I hope you enjoyed this post on lessons I’ve learned from creating an e-course.

Have you ever created a e-course before? If so, what was the biggest lesson you learned from it? Please feel free to let me know down in the comments.