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How to Land Your First Social Media Client

If you’ve been following along recently, you know that I started a series all about becoming a social media manager. The first post in the series was about how to become a social media manager and the second post in the series was about why bloggers make the best social media managers. In today’s post, I’m going to share a few tips and tricks on how to land your first social media client.

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How to Land Your First Social Media Client

Places to Find Clients 

Facebook Groups 

One of my favorite places to find clients are in Facebook groups. I wrote an in depth post about finding clients in Facebook groups if you’re interested in checking that out. Whenever seeking out new clients, I will immediately turn to Facebook groups. I’ll search “social media” or “Pinterest” in Facebook groups and start looking for people who post about needing help. I’ve gotten the majority of my clients from Facebook groups this way.

The only con of Facebook groups is that you’re competing with tons of other people to get clients. Most posts that I see get upwards of 50 comments so to snag the client you need to really stand out among the crowd.

Cold Pitching

Although cold pitching can certainly be scary because hearing “no” is never fun, it can also be quite rewarding at the same time. Sometimes these people that you cold pitch to have no idea that your services are exactly what they need.

With cold pitching, you’re not competing against a million other people so if the business is interested in hearing you out, then you’ll have a lot easier of a time landing the client.


This definitely isn’t one of the first places that I’d recommend finding social media clients, but if you’re in a bind and looking for some extra work, it can be just the place you needed. Sometimes the pay on Upwork isn’t so great but if you’re looking to get a few more clients under your belt, then it can be worth it.

How to Land Your First Client

Share your knowledge in Facebook Groups

When you’re consistently sharing your knowledge with others, you become the go-to expert in that specific group. Once you’ve built up enough klout in that group, people will start realizing and recommending you to people who are looking for social media experts. I recommend spending about 15-20 minutes per day in 1-2 groups to start gaining credibility.

Utilize Social Proof

If you have built up a social media following of your own, you can use this to showcase your expertise to potential clients before you’ve even gotten your first one. If you can grow your own social media accounts, then you have the social proof and can share your results with potentials to help them realize your expertise.

Let Your Personality Shine

I don’t know about you but I’m more likely to hire someone who I can jive well with so if I find someone who doesn’t just send me the standard pitch and offers to hop on the phone with me and discuss any hesitations prior to officially deciding to work together, then I’m all for it.

Being able to make a genuine connection with someone when pitching your services can help you stand out and seal the deal with the client even when you’re competing with tons of others.

Your Turn:

Are you a social media manager struggling to book your first client? I hope that this post was able to help you land your first social media client. Please feel free to let me know down in the comments.