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How to Use Instagram Pods to Boost Your Engagement

If you’ve been on the blogging scene for awhile, then I’m sure you’ve heard all about Instagram engagement pods. If you haven’t, well then you’re in for a real treat. With Instagram’s recent algorithm change, these pods have been a blessing to bloggers everywhere. As you have probably already noticed, not all of your followers see your posts anymore so Instagram pods provide a way to get more eyes on your content and to give your posts a necessary little boost. Continue reading for details on how to use Instagram pods to boost your engagement.

how to use instagram pods

How to Use Instagram Pods

I’m sure you’re wondering how exactly you’re supposed to use Instagram pods, am I right? It’s actually pretty simple and you’re going to love them, I promise.

What are engagement pods?

Instagram engagement pods are essentially a DM via Instagram filled with 15 different bloggers/biz owners in similar niches. In these pods, you drop your newest photo and are expected to like and comment on each new photo sent to the pod. Before dropping your newest photo, you are asked to reciprocate likes and comments on all posts. Instagram pods can be a little time consuming but they’re totally worth it to help increase the number of people who see your posts and help boost your engagement.

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Benefits of engagement pods

  • Getting more eyes on your content
  • Meeting new people within your niche
  • Beating the Instagram algorithm

With all of that being said, it’s important to only participate in Instagram pods where people are going to leave you meaningful comments. You don’t want to post something and have people leave an irrelevant emoji or comment on it, do you? I know I sure don’t because people notice and probably begin to wonder why you’re receiving such irrelevant comments. Of course, that still happens to me on almost every post due to Instagram auto-commenting services where people drop an emoji or “nice post” but that’s a story for a different day.

So go ahead, gather a group of your blogger friends and start your own Instagram pod and start boosting your engagement today.

Your Turn:

Do you currently use Instagram pods as a part of your strategy? If not, what’s your reasoning? I’d love to know. I have seen some conflicting opinions on the topic so I love hearing other people’s insight.