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How to Grow Your Business with Twitter

I bet you saw the word Twitter in the title and were immediately a little turned off. Most people that I talk to in the online space are not too keen on Twitter and don’t think that it’s the proper tool to grow their business. Well, I’m here to tell you that’s not entirely true. Twitter can certainly be effective but like every social media platform, you have to have a solid strategy in place to make it work. Keep on reading for some tips on how to grow your business with Twitter.

Most businesses don't see the value in Twitter so I'm here to shed a little light on how Twitter can be beneficial for your business. Learn how to grow your business with Twitter on Confetti Social.

How to Grow Your Business with Twitter

Tweet more often 

I know this one sounds super simple but since your tweets have a short shelf life it’s okay to tweet multiple times per day. I tweet around 10 times per day and I’ve never had any complaints from my followers. As long as you have something of value to tweet about, do it! It definitely can’t hurt.

Use your header image wisely 

You can certainly use your header image to your advantage. For example, my header image tells people exactly what I want them to do and that is to join my free resource library. You don’t really have much space on Twitter so you have to take advantage of everything that you can/

Share content from others 

I don’t know about you but I really enjoy when people share my content. When you share others content, they will be more likely to share your content if they feel like it resonates with their audience. It doesn’t hurt to share the love and makes you appear less self-promo anyway.

Write a compelling bio 

Your bio is the place that you get to share about what you do, who you help, and things of that nature. In your bio, you can also include your location and a link to whatever you’d like (your general website, your services page, your course sales page, etc.)

As you can see above, my good friend from the Social Butterfly Gal  definitely utilizes her bio in the best way possible. She shares who she is and what she does in a clear and concise way.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are totally still a thing on Twitter and you should be utilizing them. I personally do not do this enough myself but I do recognize the importance of it.

Participate in Twitter Chats

This is a habit that I feel out of that I need to start doing again. I used to be a really avid Twitter chat participant but kind of fell off the wagon for 2017. Using Twitter chats exposes you and your business to new audiences and allows you to make connections with other bloggers or business owners.

Use your pinned tweet effectively

Twitter allows for you to have one pinned tweet that is constantly visible at the top of your profile. I like to use that space to advertise my offerings like my services, email courses, digital products, or ecourses to ensure that people see them.

Engage, engage, engage 

Engaging with your followers is essential. I try to retweet and like tweets at least once or twice a day to remain active on Twitter. I also follow relevant accounts so I can have some inspiration on my feed.

Utilize Twitter Lists

Twitter lists help you keep all of the people that you want to keep up with on a daily or weekly basis organized. You can easily just go look at your lists and retweet and like from there instead of looking at all of the people you’re following’s tweets.

Your Turn:

Are you currently using Twitter to grow your business? Please feel free to let me know down in the comments.