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Best Pinterest Group Boards for Business Owners

In my PinPerfect series , I’ve talked about how to find the best group boards so today I’m sharing a few of the best Pinterest group boards for business owners. I’ve mentioned before how pivotal group boards have been for my success and I want y’all to experience those same successes so if you’re a creative entrepreneur and you’re not already a part of these group boards, I recommend joining as soon as possible.

I'm dishing some of the best Pinterest group boards for business owners today on Confetti Social.

Best Pinterest Group Boards for Business Owners

Blogging Pros Group Board 

Blogging Pros group board is run by Sue of Successful Blogging. This group board is strictly for blogging related tips and tricks. It has over 16,000 followers and 1,000 contributors so your content has a pretty high chance of getting seen by others. To join, just email the group board owner Sue as per the instructions in the board description.

All Things Blog 

All Things Blog is run by Helene from Helene in Between. I’ve been a huge fan of Helene ever since I started blogging so I jumped at the chance to join her group board. The board has over 11k followers. This board is about anything related to blogging so if that’s your jam, then feel free to join by emailing Helene.

Blogging for Bloggers

The Blogging for Bloggers group board is headed by Jackie from Jade and Oak. On this board you can share social media tips, blog tips, business tips, and more. This group board has over 7.8k followers and 100+ contributors. If you feel like you’d be a good fit for this board, you can join by emailing Jackie.

Blog and Business Tips 

This board is actually one of mine so shameless plug here. You may pin anything related to blogging, business, entrepreneurship, branding, design, etc. To join, all you have to do is follow me, follow the board, and then message me on Pinterest.

Biz & Blogging Group Board

This board is run by Jessica of Jess Creatives. To join, you must follow Jessica, the board, and then fill out the Typeform to join the board. You must only pin business related content to your profile or you won’t be added to the board.

Turbo Blogging & Business Group Board

The Turbo Blogging & Business Group Board is run by Raelyn of Raelyn Tan. You’re only allowed to pin a maximum of 3 pins each day. To join the board follow Raelyn + the board and shoot her an email that contains your Pinterest email.

Make sure to get your free list of group boards for business owners by clicking the button right above. I’ve listed 8 more group boards in addition to the ones I’ve shared in this post.

Your Turn:

What are some of your favorite business-related group boards? Please feel free to let me know down in the comments.