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Why I Chose ConvertKit for Email Marketing

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If you’ve been reading here since the get-go, you know that I frequently sing the praises of my email service provider, ConvertKit. I’m honestly not lying when I say that ConvertKit has been a huge game changer in my business. Although I’ve started using MailerLite for my lifestyle blog to separate the two, ConvertKit is my obvious favorite. Keep on reading for all the reasons why I chose ConvertKit for my email marketing strategy.

Find out why I chose ConvertKit for my email service provider + it's awesome benefits.

Why I Chose ConvertKit

Reason #1: Subscriber based, not list based

Unlike Mailchimp, ConvertKit is based upon the individual subscribers to your list and no matter how many content upgrades someone signs up for, you will only be charged for that specific person once. If I was on Mailchimp right now, I’d be paying for multiple people more than once because quite a few of my subscribers have opted in to more than one content upgrade.

Reason #2: Automation

ConvertKit’s automation features are another huge reason why I decided to choose ConvertKit. You can easily set up different rules.I can set up a link trigger so that when someone clicks a specific link in an email, it will tag them so I know that they’re interested in that specific subject. For example, in my welcome sequence, I have two links that the new subscriber can click on – I’m a blogger and I’m a biz owner. This helps me segment them further so I can target them for different things.

Reason #3 Sequences & Broadcasts

Sequences are a continuum of emails that are sent out within a few days of each other. Examples of current sequences that I have are my welcome sequence, my Pinterest email course sequence, and things of that nature.

Broadcasts are when you send a one-time email. I typically use this for my weekly newsletters or any awesome deals that I want to share with my readers like when courses from some of my favorite bloggers are launching.

Being able to have the option to easily have follow up emails with sequences made choosing ConvertKit a no brainer.

Reason #4: You can easily send content upgrades

Mailchimp did not make this process easy but I’m happy to say that ConvertKit does. You can easily connect a content upgrade to an opt-in form in just a few simple steps.

Reason #5: Easy to Use

ConvertKit doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that Mailchimp or some other email service providers do in terms of making your emails look all fancy but that’s the way I like it. Plain text emails actually tend to perform better because it makes it seem like you’re just emailing a friend. Plus when they’re not inundated with tons of pictures, they’re more likely not to end up in someone’s spam folder.

Your Turn:

I hope you enjoyed this post on why I chose ConvertKit. What email service provider do you currently use – Mailchimp, Mailerlite, ConverKit, or something else? Please feel free to let me know down in the comments.