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How to Build Your Business by Creating a Facebook Group

I’ve mentioned this before but Facebook groups are responsible for me connecting with over 90% of my previous and current clients. It’s been a great way to gain visibility and traction in my business and it can do the same for you too. A few months ago I shared a post on how to find clients in Facebook groups so today I figured I’d share some tips on what to do when starting your own Facebook group to ramp up your business.

Learn how to build your business with a Facebook group filled with your most loyal customers.

A couple of months ago I created the Savvy Social Community to supplement this blog in hopes of gaining a better understanding of what my audience wants and needs from me. Since starting the group, I’ve gotten over 350+ members in my group that are very active and engaged. I’ve always talked about the importance of having an email list to build that like, know, and trust factor with your audience but my Facebook group has helped me build an even deeper connection with my audience.

Build Your Business with a Facebook Group

Host Live streams

I try to host weekly live streams within my Facebook group but it usually ends up being every other week because life tends to get in the way as of late. I always consult my group members on what they’re interested in chatting about prior to the live stream.

Give them access to premium offers first 

I used to give my email list access to offers first but now I go to my Facebook group first and then open up the offer to my email list once I’ve released it to my Facebook group. My Facebook group contains some of my most loyal readers so I want to give them access to my offers before anyone else.

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Give them discounts on new offers + current packages 

I’ve given my group some pretty great discounts on my Pinterest Revamp package in the past to give them the opportunity to work with me at a reduced rate. I also introduced my social media coaching  services to them before opening the service up to anyone else. I have 2 spots available for social media coaching so if you’re looking to become a social media manager or VA, let’s chat!

Your Turn:

Do you have your own Facebook group for your business? Why or why not? If not, do you think it would be beneficial for you to create one? Please feel free to let me know down in the comments.