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How to Use Boardbooster and Tailwind to Increase Your Traffic

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I was considering doing a Boardbooster vs. Tailwind post since a lot of y’all know how much I’ve raved about Boardbooster but recently I’ve started using both schedulers in conjunction with one another and I wanted to share my strategy with you all. So without further ado, here’s how to use Boardbooster and Tailwind to increase your traffic. Check out more of my PinPerfect series and elevate your Pinterest game.

how to use boardbooster and tailwind to increase your traffic

Use Boardbooster and Tailwind to Increase Your Traffic

First, I’m going to start out with sharing both the pros and cons of each social media scheduler because each one has their good and bad qualities. Then I will jump into how exactly to use Boardbooster and Tailwind to increase your traffic and maximize your pinning strategy.

Pros of Boardbooster:

  • Campaigns feature
  • Looping feature
  • In depth analytics
  • Group manager

Cons of Boardbooster:

  • no browser extension
  • no unlimited pinning option

Pros of Tailwind:

  • Pinterest approved partner
  • Tailwind Tribes
  • In depth Analytics
  • Browser extension
  • Board Lists feature

Cons of Tailwind:

  • not a huge fan of the interface
  • no pin looping


I use Boardbooster primarily for the campaigns feature and the looping feature. As you can see below, I have one scheduled campaign and two random campaigns.


The scheduled campaign option seamlessly drips my newest blog content to a plethora of different group boards over the course of 4 days. I like that I am able to choose the time that I want the pin to be sent to each different board. All I have to do is pin to my board called “New CS Blog Posts” and the content will automatically drip to all relevant group boards.

There are two random campaigns that my account is currently running. The first takes all of the posts from my Confetti Social blog board and pins them to 17 different group boards. This ensures that my content is always circulating on group boards no matter if I’ve posted new content or not.

The second random campaign takes pins from 4 of my personal boards: social media, blogging, email marketing, and business tips and pins them to 13 different group boards of my choosing. It’s important to share both your content and others and this campaign does that for me automatically.


My other favorite feature of Boardbooster is the looping feature. This takes your content from the bottom of your boards and brings it up to the top. It ensures that your content is seen by more people since Pinterest’s Smart Feed makes it so you don’t see every pin that your followers are pinning. I do this on my blog board and my 2 most popular boards to ensure that the content on these boards has the opportunity to be seen as much as possible.


Another feature that Boardbooster has is their scheduler. I don’t use this feature too often anymore after deciding to add Tailwind to my Pinterest strategy because I felt like it got a little too clunky with all the boards that I was trying to pin to.


I use Tailwind mainly for their scheduler and the Tribes feature. Tailwind makes it really easy to schedule posts with their Chrome extension. The Tribes feature is absolutely amazing. I’ll explain more about what it is later on in this post.


The scheduler on Tailwind is super easy to use. Basically, I just go to Pinterest and use the browser extension to schedule out content for the entire month. I usually share more of others content than my own on Tailwind but I am experimenting with sharing my own there as well because they are a Pinterest approved partner so I want to see if my pins perform better when scheduled through Tailwind.

Boards List

Tailwind allows you to set a list of boards that are grouped together so that when you’re pinning to Tailwind you can easily select a list and it will schedule your pin to pin to all the different boards on your list. This makes filling up your Tailwind queue a lot easier.

Tribes Feature

Honestly, this is one of my all time favorite features on Tailwind. The way I would explain it is that it’s kind of like a group board inside of Tailwind. Basically, you pin your pins to whatever Tribe you’re in and then from there people in your Tribe will share your content to Pinterest. The Tribe will show you an overview of how many reshares have happened overall in the Tribe and how many repins these shares have resulted in. It also shows you exactly how many times your pins have been shared to Pinterest, how many repins they’ve resulted in, and your total reach as you can see below.

Joining Tribes is a great way to get your content out there and to find content from others to share with your audience. Right now they’re in Alpha so you only have access to them if someone invites you to join one of their Tribes. The best part about Tribes is that they are completely free and you do not have to have a paid Tailwind account to utilize this feature.

Final Thoughts

As you can see each Pinterest scheduler has their fair share of pros and cons and it’s up to you to decide which scheduler will work best for you. Both have free trials so you can try before you buy which is always a plus. Using them in conjunction with one another has worked well with me thus far and I can’t wait to see how my account(s) continue to grow.

Are you using a Pinterest scheduler? Which one is your favorite? Do you use Boardbooster and Tailwind to increase your traffic? I’d love to know down in the comments.