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4 Blogging Tips That Helped My Blog Grow in 2017

2017 was my first full year in business and it was a year of a lot of growth for me, personally and professionally. I learned a lot about running my own business – which entails all things marketing and sales in addition to managing my money and perfecting my workflows. It was a busy and trying year but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Today I’m sharing 4 blogging tips that helped my blog grow in 2017.

Learn 4 blogging tips that helped grow my blog in 2017 today on Confetti Social.

4 Blogging Tips That Helped My Blog Grow in 2017


One big component of my blog’s growth last year was solely from Pinterest. I had quite a few posts get a lot of traction from the platform so I knew I had to mention it here. You can find out why I am a huge Pinterest advocate by checking out my PinPerfect series.

I wanted to share three tips for major Pinterest growth to get you started off on the right foot and those are consistency, using keywords, and designing graphics that convert.

Building a Community

Another huge win for my blog last year was my effort to build a community. When I started focusing less on trying to sell my products, and more on connecting with my people – my website traffic increased and so did my income. Have you have ever heard the saying, people buy from people? Well, it’s very spot on because that is exactly how it worked for me.


Although SEO wasn’t a major focus in 2017, I did start utilizing it more so that I could start getting traffic to my website from search engines. This year I even ramped up my blog even more and hired a SEO specialist to optimize each and every post on my website.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups have been a great way for me to build visibility, form a community, and ultimately grow my website traffic. It is the way I was able to get the majority of my clients in my first year of business and how I was able to meet + collaborate with tons of other amazing business ladies.

Your Turn:

What blogging tips did you find attributed to your blog’s growth last year? Please feel free to let me know down in the comments.