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5 Best Podcasts for Bloggers and Business Owners

If you’ve been an avid Breakfast at Lilly’s reader, then you’d know that I’m a complete podcast addict. I listen to them every day on my drive to and from work. I listen to a variety of different podcasts, but my favorites are all about blogging and business. There are so many podcasts to choose from, so I wanted to showcase the best so you can start listening immediately. Now without further ado, the best podcasts for bloggers and business owners.

5 best podcasts for bloggers and business owners

Best Podcasts for Bloggers/Business Owners

The Blog Millionaire // The Blog Millionaire is a podcast by Brandon Gaille. In this podcast, Brandon teaches you the secret blogging strategies that bloggers use to grow their traffic and monetize their blogs. Brandon shares his vast knowledge of the blogging world in quick episodes packed with actionable tips and tricks.

Boss Girl Creative // Boss Girl Creative is hosted by Taylor Bradford. In this podcast, Taylor teaches the whats, hows, and whys of blogging, business, and being a creative entrepreneur. Taylor knows her stuff and also features other boss girls from time to time.

Being Boss // Being Boss is hosted by Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon. This podcast teaches you how to be more boss in your work and life. Kathleen & Emily have extensive knowledge on how to be a boss and it shows in their podcast.

The Smart Passion Income Podcast // The Smart Passive Income Podcast is hosted by Pat Flynn. In this podcast, Pat reveals all of his online business and blogging strategies along with killer marketing tips and tricks so that you can get ahead of the game with your blog or biz.

Social Media Marketing Podcast // If you’re a social media marketer, then this podcast is for you. Michael Stelzner from the Social Media Examiner helps your business navigate through the social jungle with success stories and expert interviews from social media marketing professionals.

Build Your Tribe // Build Your Tribe is hosted by Chalene Johnson. In this podcast, Chalene shares interviews and practical strategies from top influencers on how to build your email list, create a virtual community, and strengthen your tribe.

Your Turn:

What are your favorite blogging/business related podcasts? Please let me know down in the comments.