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Best Free Platforms for Scheduling Your Social Media

Running your own business can be pretty pricey so today I’m sharing some of the best free platforms for scheduling your social media so that you can start automating your social media without having to drop a monthly fee for scheduling on top of all your other business expenses. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Starting a business isn't cheap but automating your social media doesn't need to be expensive. Find out some of the best free platforms for scheduling your social media on Confetti Social.

Best Free Platforms for Scheduling Your Social Media


Before I started using any paid social media schedulers, HootSuite was my absolute go-to. You can connect up to 3 social media channels on the free platform and schedule as many tweets as you want with no monthly or daily limits. To me, being able to schedule as many posts as you want each month made HootSuite the obvious choice for me.

The main reason I upgraded to SmarterQueue   was so that I could requeue my posts. I recently wrote about how I cut my social media scheduling time in half with SmarterQueue so if you’re interested in paying for a social media scheduler, you can check that post out.


I used Buffer back when I first started blogging on Breakfast at Lilly’s  but didn’t really enjoy it that much so I eventually ended up switching to Hootsuite. Buffer allows you to connect 1 social account per network and 10 posts can be scheduled at a time. The main reason I ditched Buffer for HootSuite is the scheduling limitations on the free plan. I feel like 10 scheduled posts at a time is way too little especially if you have more than one social media account connected.


Planoly is an Instagram scheduler that offers 30 free posts each month. If you’re only posting 5 times a week, this option is perfect for you because you can use an awesome scheduler without any additional fees. Planoly has a phone app and you can also schedule your Instagram posts on the computer which makes things even easier.

Your Turn:

What social media scheduler are you currently using? Please feel free to let me know down in the comments.