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8 Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic

As bloggers and business owners, we’re always looking for ways to increase blog traffic because that traffic increase will result in more page views, email subscribers, and even potentially sales. Today I’m presenting you with 8 ways to increase your blog traffic so that you can continue to work on increasing your income, email subscribers, and page views.

Learn 8 ways to increase your blog traffic today on Confetti Social to work towards increasing your income, email subscribers, and more.

8 Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Utilize Pinterest

Pinterest is my number one traffic source on both this blog and my lifestyle blog, Breakfast at Lilly’s. I pin my most recent content in addition to older content to keep it constantly circulating on Pinterest. The best part about Pinterest is that the shelf life of your pins is a lot longer than other social media channels because it is more like a search engine than it is a social media channel. This helps your content get distributed for a lot longer than it would on any other social channel.

For example, my post frequented blog post on my lifestyle blog is from over a year ago and I still get tons of traffic from that specific pin to this day.

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Work on optimizing your website for SEO 

SEO is important and something you should be focusing on for every single post that you publish. I’m definitely no SEO expert but I know the basics and implement those on all of my posts to maximize my chances of ranking higher in the search engines.

Pro tip: Use Yoast SEO to aid you in making your posts SEO friendly

Utilize Facebook Groups 

I like to use Facebook groups for their share threads to get even more eyes on my content. I used to participate in these a lot more often, but still like to do at least a few each time I post. If you’re not sharing your content, you can’t expect people to just stumble upon it so you need to be strategic with how you’re promoting your content otherwise it probably won’t get seen.

Comment on other blogs 

I enjoy commenting on other blogs in my niche to share the love in addition to hoping that people see my comment and want to check out my website and see what I’m all about. Plus, it gives me the opportunity to find new content to read and be inspired by and ultimately share on my social media channels.

Frequently update your blog 

When you’re frequently updating your blog, you’re doing two things for yourself to maximize your blog traffic. First, you’re maximizing your chances of ranking in the search engine because websites that frequently publish content are preferred. Second, you’re making your audience want to come back for more when you publish new content. If you only have 20 posts for people to read and rarely make updates, people are not going to continue visiting your website because they’ll have no new content to sift through.

Use social sharing sites

Using social sharing sites like Flipboard and StumbleUpon help you get your content seen by more people. Sometimes this traffic can be a hit or miss because it can increase your bounce rate but there is a chance that some of the people who are finding your content via SU or Flipboard will become loyal readers.

Guest Post on other blogs 

This is something I’m just starting to venture into and have been enjoying it so far. I really love collaborating with other small business owners and introducing myself to their audience. Sometimes this will result in people checking out your website to see more of what you’re all about after reading a guest post of yours on another website. I feel like if you get at least 5-10 readers per guest post to your website, then it’s worth it.

Share your content on social media 

In addition to sharing your content on Pinterest, you should also be sharing it on your other social media channels including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to increase your chances of people seeing your content. You can’t share something on social media just once and expect your entire audience to see your post – that’s just not going to happen.

Your Turn:

What’s your favorite way to increase your blog traffic? My favorite way is definitely Pinterest. Please feel free to let me know down in the comments.