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5 Ways Bloggers Make Money

As a blogger, there are quite a few ways to make money. Some that you may have not even considered before. Contrary to popular belief, sponsored posts and affiliate marketing aren’t the only ways to make money from your blog. I’m here to share 5 ways bloggers make money.

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5 Ways Bloggers Make Money

Sponsored Posts 

One of the most common ways that bloggers make money is through sponsored opportunities. There are tons of different influencer networks to choose from and some of my favorites include Clever, Influence Central, TapInfluence, and Collectively.

You can also get sponsored opportunities by pitching yourself directly to brands. This allows for an even bigger payout for you because there is no middle man with direct pitching – it’s just you and the brand.

Affiliate Marketing 

Another way that bloggers make money is through affiliate marketing. Most likely, almost every site you use has an affiliate program so you can make money talking about the products you love and use every day. Some of my favorite all-inclusive affiliate programs are RewardStyle, ShopStyle, and ShareASale but there are a ton of other affiliate marketing networks to choose from as well.


A third known way to make money from your blog is by utilizing ad space through an ad network like Google’s AdSense, MediaVine, or the like. Although you won’t make too much money from ads unless you’re racking in tons of page views each month, a little extra income each month can certainly help.

Offering services

To make additional income from your blog, you can even start offering services. As you may already know, I offer blog consulting and social media consulting in addition to social media management services for other bloggers and business owners. If you’re interested in learning more about my services, you can go here.

You could offer these too if it’s something you feel comfortable with. You could even offer health coaching, life coaching, or any other coaching if that’s something you’re good at as well.

Selling your own products 

You can also sell your own products whether those are digital products or physical products. Digital products can be eCourses, printables, and things of that sort. Physical products can be anything from planners to clothes and more. This additional income can help during the months that sponsored opportunities aren’t coming as frequently.

Your Turn:

What is your favorite way to make money from your blog? Please feel free to let me know down in the comments.