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Pinterest Tips: 5 Things You Should NOT Be Doing on Pinterest

Ready to get your Pinterest in tip-top shape for 2019? I’m sharing 5 things you shouldn’t be doing on Pinterest today!

Pinterest Tips featured by top social media consultant Confetti Social

Pinterest Tips:

Pinning Square Images

Square images are not as easy to spot on Pinterest so to maximize your chances of getting your pins seen, I recommend creating graphics that are vertical and the optimal size for Pinterest.

Not Creating Branded Graphics

Not only is it important to pin vertical images, but its also important to turn those vertical images into branded graphics. When you use a text overlay on an image, it entices people to click through and learn more if they’re interested. When you just have an image, people may not stop to read the pin description so you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Not Conducting Keyword Research

Keyword research is a huge part of getting your pins seen by others. I see a lot of people completely forgetting this step and wondering why their pins aren’t getting any traction. If you’re not currently doing keyword research for your pins then I recommend starting as soon as possible. It will help you get more eyes on your pins and ultimately more people on your website.

Worrying About Your Monthly Viewers 

So many people are raving about having 1m+ monthly viewers on Pinterest but this is not the be all, end all metric that you need to be tracking. If the high monthly viewer count isn’t translating directly into pageviews then it is just a vanity metric.

Pinning Content Not Relevant to your Brand

I see so many business owners pinning whatever content they feel like it even if it isn’t always relevant to their brand. If you feel like you absolutely need to pin off-brand content, I recommend setting up secret boards so that you can still pin the content but it won’t be visible on your Pinterest account to anyone but you.

Your Turn:

Are you making any of these big mistakes on Pinterest? Feel free to let me know down in the comments.

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