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5 Mistakes People Make When Starting a Podcast

Ready to launch your podcast but want to make sure that you’ve got all the moving parts in place beforehand?

In this post, I’m sharing the 5 mistakes people make when starting a podcast.

Learn the top 5 mistakes people make when starting a podcast today.

5 Mistakes People Make When Starting a Podcast


Mistake #1: Not having a clear goal in mind

When I first launched my podcast over a year ago, my only goal was to be able to connect with other business owners on a deeper level via interviews and also serve as a platform that helps me gain the know, like, and trust factor with my audience.

I didn’t really think much about how I was going to turn those listeners into anything beyond that though. I wish I would have added a lead generation component to my episodes a lot sooner so that I could further connect with my audience beyond showing up on their podcast feed twice a week so don’t be like me.

Mistake #2: Not putting out enough episodes on launch day

One big mistake that I see other podcasters make is launching with just a welcome episode and one additional episode. I think that we should launch with at least 3 episodes (not including the welcome episode) to give your audience some content to binge when you first launch. You don’t want to build up all of this hype around your launch just to only have one episode for them to listen to. Plus this will help boost your downloads from the very beginning as if someone subscribes you’ll get 3 downloads from that person instead of just one. So give the people what they want and let them have a couple of episodes when you first launch.

Mistake #3: Not implementing batch recording prior to launching

Batching has been a huge game-changer for me when it comes to podcasting. Before launching my podcast back in 2018, I recorded 15 episodes so that I could be ahead of the game and not having to stress about recording new episodes for awhile.

Now I try to batch my episodes at least seasonally so that I can just hand them off to be edited without having to worry about churning out a new episode each week.

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Mistake #4: Not having a proper launch strategy 

This was something that I wish I would have done when I launched my podcast. I didn’t really have much of a strategy for getting eyes on my podcast on launch day other than announcing the launch to my email list and on social media.

I wish I would have had a more solid plan in place so that I could have gotten more traction on my podcast from the get-go.

There are so many ways to build hype about your podcast like hosting giveaways, building a launch team, and things of that sort and I wish I would have implemented something like that in the beginning.

Mistake #5: Letting overwhelm stop you from just going for it 

Starting a podcast can certainly be overwhelming but we can’t let fear or overwhelm stop us from making our podcast dreams a reality. It’s important to push through your fears and launch your podcast because the world needs to hear your message.

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Now for those of you who have already launched a podcast, what’s the biggest mistake that you made? Let me know in the comments.