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5 Important Things You Need on Your Homepage

Your website’s homepage is typically the first thing someone stumbles upon so it needs to have certain elements to keep your visitors interested and engaged with what you have to say. Today I’m sharing 5 important things you need on your homepage so that you can retain those visitors and turn them into longtime fans of your website.

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5 Important Things You Need on Your Homepage


Your logo should be one of the first things that someone sees when they land on your website so ideally, it will be at the very top of your website.


Your navigation menu should be at the top of your website – ideally right under your logo and header section. This menu will contain your about me, services page (if you have one), blog categories, resources, shop, and more.

Calls to Action

The homepage should also include calls to action that entice your visitors to take an action. This could be as easy as signing up for your email list in exchange for a free email course or a free resource library.

Social Media Links

Your social media links should also be very present on your home page. I have mine in both my header navigation in addition to my footer navigation. I want people to be able to follow me on the channel’s of their choice as easy as possible.

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You should also have your blog present on your homepage. I have a “recent posts on the blog” widget at the bottom of my homepage to showcase my most recent posts without it completely taking over my homepage.

Your Turn:

What is one non-negotiable item on your homepage? Please feel free to let me know down in the comments.