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2018 Business Goals

2018 is quickly approaching so that means it’s time to share my 2018 business goals. Last year I shared my 2017 business goals  and they were pretty well received so I wanted to share my goals for the year again this year.

Check out my 2018 business goals today on Confetti Social.

2018 Business Goals

Launch my podcast 

If you’re not on my email list on in my Facebook Group , then you probably don’t know that I’m launching a podcast called the Savvy Social Hour on January 2nd. If you like learning more about social media, blogging, and business and listening to interviews with amazing female entrepreneurs, then this is the podcast for you. Make sure to subscribe and join the Savvy fam before the offical launch.

Transition more to digital products and passive income 

While I don’t see myself completely giving up services anytime soon, I want to offer more in the way of digital products and other types of passive income because I can only serve so many people each month with my services before I’m overbooked. I already have a few awesome products in the works that I can’t wait to share with you.

Grow my email list to 3,500+ subscribers

Ideally, I’d like to focus a lot more on list growth in 2018 because I’m sure you’ve heard that the money is in the list. I feel like people’s inbox is one of the most personal ways to access someone so I’d love to grow my list and continue educating my subscribers on all things social media, blogging, and business.

Become more visible in the online space 

I want to appear on more podcasts, do more guest posts, and things of that sort to continue getting myself and my business out there in 2018. I’ve been getting a lot more client referrals which is amazing but I still need to continue finding ways to get myself out there in both the online space and within my local community.

Attend a conference 

I’ve been to conferences in the past for my blog and other arenas of life but I’d love to go to a business conference in 2018 so I can network and further expand my knowledge.

Your Turn:

What are some of your 2018 business goals? Please feel free to let me know down in the comments.